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High performance
of resistance


The production is entirely hand crafted. Brandina fabric has successfully overcome several tests of resistance to rubbing, breaking, atmospherical agents and UV rays, that’s why it maintains its optimal characteristics even after any washing which should be carried out in full respect of its qualities, in order to cleanse the product from any stains and keep it in perfect conditions.

In order to guarantee the natural beauty of our products, our production uses genuine leather only, which is worked according to a specifical procedure, by removing the leather imperfections so that the leather may be perfectly assembled.



Beach line is manufactured with the authentical Brandina fabric and its borders are made of cloth.

1. In case of superficial stains, it is possible to use any sponge previously soaked in water and Marseille soap (or any other mild detergent - a teaspoon quantity will be enough) and polish the fabric until the stain disappears.

2. If you wish to entirely wash your Brandina bag, in order to cleanse the usual blackened parts of it (i.e. grips, bottom, shoulder strap…), you can easily put it into the washing machine.In this case, we suggest you setting your washing machine to 30°C, programme which is usually chosen to wash delicate fabrics, without spinning.

3. If Brandina fabric has been accidentally blotted with ink, you can first proceed as per point no. 1. If it is not enough, you can dab at the ink blot with a wad of cotton-wool soaked in acetone or alcohol.


Lux Collection line is produced with the authentical Brandina fabric: this bag has an internal lining and its borders are made of genuine leather. Genuine leather requires a more accurate care in the use and maintenance of the bag.

1. In case of stains/marks on leather, we suggest you using a non-abrasive sponge soaked in water and a small quantity of neutral soap or make-up remover. You can gently rub the dirty part until you obtain the needed result.

2. In case of oily stains, first dry the part with an absorbing rag, then use a soap solution as described in point n. 1.

3. If the leather has been blotted with ink, try to remove the traces by using a soft rubber. In any case, let the leather dry naturally, far from artificial heath sources. In case you need a deeper or general cleansing of the bag, you can turn to the laboratories usually treating particular or leather garments. Avoid washing-machine for Lux bags : an invasive washing can impoverish or spoil the leather.

4. If for any reason one of the leather details of your bag shall get scratched or abraded, we suggest you applying some leather polish: this will cover the defect by rendering the surface more homogeneous.

BRANDINA stands for passion, joy and leisure,
a timeless icon of seaside-inspired design. The sea brings happiness wherever you are,
BRANDINA evokes all the beaches in the world and always leads you to the seashore.